The Winking Badge

by Midwestern Medicine

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Oh, western medicine relies on the fact that I do my dancing private, Jerry Once, in the bathroom, I was attacked by the insect-urge to by higher than the Slime in chatroom's hand-held nets Yours for the barter like the transformed eddy No rush coming from a barroom bet No use running from a constant, scanning headlight Oh, I've been buttoned up a bit too tight Haven't seen these clothes on a tiger, Jerry Try this: glorify a household pet Take a sheet out, do a little diagramming Me on the left side -- list it out Venn-type circles, with the overlapping What's that middle? Can you find it out? No use looking, cuz you missed entire points, man Oh, I've been questioning the midnight scout That I sent to do my alternating There is a timeline, I never doubt, That a nearby choice is illuminating One where the smiles are sustained still yet One my actions are less nauseating No rush coming from a barroom bet No use running from a constant, scanning headlight
Puppy Dreams 02:05
Once again, I'm disappointed Once again, I've hardly moved In my annual assessment I reflect on attitudes of rascal youth And Anna, too First to speak that special language Hieroglyphics dressed as bands Love that album, name that bassist Here's a book that understands We let those Azerrad and Reynolds accounts be bibles of sorts Colorful portraits of those beings so big, so mythical, But goddamn liveable Never felt like "Oops! I lost it" Not some friendship down the drain Plus, our hair would probably clog it Just one reach, one call away Why not today?
Brand new face on the force Tattooed man told to laugh more Now, outside of the bricks, I’m hauling in a special guy Red flags in the wind a crooked audience conspires I'm taking it in, connecting faces to the files I'm starting the car “The scanner in your shop room’s saying something hostile ‘bout your home Better let the boss know someone’s getting shot now, where’s the phone?” Shot down. Just following threads that were deliberately unspooled And taped to my desk, they guessed too right that I'm a fool Spent time in a trunk, now I’m the audience for Monologues in a warehouse And that familiar, evil face says: “Your predecessor’s threat-assessment found the fault line in your folds He sniffed too hard on clues and found himself a blue man, stiff and cold” With the gun now raised to punctuate, he finds a line he thinks is cool He says, “I hafta tell ya, jealous elders do not like that brand of bold” Catapulted into color-blasted, cartoon kinda world Watching hovered hand start landing on the Don’t-Push-That Control But he doesn’t know what the button is for His fingers have circled it since he was born "I’m the shine of the winking badge." Pushed down! Dropped in from above, except I’m in a different time I’m holding the cuffs, about to book a special guy And now a buzz in the ear Is saying something ‘bout a bribe Well, I guess I’ll comply.
Let's see Tara do that Let's see Tara with the right words Let's see her album laid out All vaguely nautical If she could play 'em like that Someone feeding her the right words The world would swallow so fast I know Tomorrow's eyes Too well, so I will publicize Just borrow us a couple stares And kickflip while the camera's there I've got my puppeteering degree That I could find some use for Let's see Tara do that Let's see Tara win the big ones Why so scared of her, Brett? I know Tomorrow's song Too well, so I will put her on It's hard enough to fight her off She's learning how to play guitar I've got myself a nice hotel to call Maybe save some room for I know Tomorrow's Eyes Too well, so I will publicize It's hard enough to fight her off She's learning how to play guitar I've got my puppeteering degree That I could find some use for Why can't Tara do that?
I can't quite make sense These things on my lap These billions of fragments So perfectly stacked And it's hard But that's not my job Now we resort To outdated forms The smoking is turning His rational brain into slop Write it down It doesn't work that way And if I had the cartoon know-how And if I had the plaid-clad dad Then I would stand straight on the carpet In the shade of American Flags And go beat up those kids Those neighborhood punks Those caricatures Of the things that I wanted to be So bad But I threw my skateboard away Stay home Sleep in Learning your own skin Learn how to shed it And save it And throw it away
See nobody told me All the hours that I waste Could be spend differently Yeah nobody bothered I want you to hold me Like a big tube of toothpaste And squeeze out everything I have to offer And nobody told me All the places that I dream Could be found in real life And they can be conquered I think that I'll go there Take a float down a side-stream And see if I wash up Somewhere clean and proper
Some kind of questionnaire Effort to find the preference share I'll find you when I'm done Act like the light's the same as sun He isn't dead 'til he gets underlined But we don't talk about that anymore It's not a souvenir Just what you left when you were here It's not some raised up thing Just what has stacked up endlessly He isn't dead 'til he gets underlined But we don't talk about that anymore He wakes from bed and he gets on the line It's not enough to know that time is wasted
Insults 02:16
Open your eyes to the insults That you can feel today They're on display Like a look on a face When misplacing a pronoun Color the odd end of August And then exaggerate The subtle ways That an idiot act Can erase all order Come up with clouds Lace the past with malaise Stuff up the cracks in between each good day Rescue a want from its active evading We could at least Be deceased, now couldn't we? We could move on We're the ones now boarding We could ignore every call or recording Open your eyes to the anger And then incorporate A little hate When you're called on to rate What a peer is performing Pass the baton Well, someday First, we'll defecate And urinate And give it a swish In the still-warm mixture I belong so far from home where I'm exposed to words that can cut, rebirth, and reshape you
Mantra 03:35
Wonder why I'm always getting stuck defending Clayton? Pull him out of corners he backed into on his own Help me out when hot-potato honesty destroys me All the pain as I explain my hands so badly burned Close your tab up Halfway home Brand new mantra: I'm alright to know So you find his songs contrived and hastily assembled Scrambled eggs that never leave the incubation stage Wonder if you ever googled "confirmation bias" And applied it to that list of albums that you made? Have some heart now Have some heart! Or fake it kindly: You're all alright to know Did you want to lose? Were you wanting foes? Every time you limped into a show? Did you want the crew? Is this what you chose? Is this what you desperately invoked?
"We like to rock, We like the stage, And we like the women in the back!" Hey basement dweller Yeah, I'm talking to you Get onstage and perform So we can get transformed Come dazzle with your guitar Your best friend gave us a tape And we think it's really great That you made it on your own Fast asleep You gotta sort 'em out Y'got selfish dreams To sell those things You scribbled on a fucking train With your head against the glass It's always that Now you're listening to the new track You gotta send it to the boys Get this thing out on a label Who can put it on a website Put it on a T-shirt Put it out on vinyl And sell it to your friends For $15 at a record store Or $26 for a little bit more Just for a fucking CD-R. "Don't you know who we are?"
Sassahoma 02:11
I got stuck in Sassahoma With a tricket fulla piss And I'm bell-bologna offering a smile To the cautious burra blanca That's handing us the tacos this time If you're hopping and you're holy There's a Robotussin bisque That I bought to pull the Betties from the vine Well, I just keep a-tugging But I don't think they're budging this time Officers get ready in the ballroom that I designed But I don't think I'm ready for the me-sized sack So silently I'm walking Officers get ready in the ballroom that I designed Pulling the confetti from a fall guy's hat So silently I'm walking
Idiot Allies 03:13
Well, the bad guys came and took away your Nintendo I'm sorry 'bout it, buddy, but you gotta keep the windows shut And I've been marchin' 'round here callin' my pretty self "Champion" Ignoring all my brothers in the Slop with their similar struts Daddy did the dish-work, cooking up a pretty cool martyr Mirror on the bottom of the soup bowl, slurp yourself up Checkin' out the Autograph Art School -- baby, why bother? Mirror on the bottom of the sidewalk, slurp yourselves up Walking into showrooms Dustin' off your costume Channeling your Grandpa, grinnin' with a well-placed wink Walking into showrooms Just to use the bathroom Channeling your Grandpa, grinnin' with a well-placed wink Well, you made yourself a mess with the VHS's scattered all around the carpet and the Lego chests toppled over where a Bad Foot tramples and a Bad Butt falls When you're scratching up a pad for the police 'port you can take 'em in and show 'em all your brand new short Cuz a clever little camera on a tripod ran and caught it all Walking into showrooms Showin' off your costume Channelin' your Grandpa, grinnin' with a well-placed wink Walking into showrooms Just to use the bathroom Channeling your Grandpa, grinnin' with a well-placed wink Rest so well at night in your modified armchair Say goodnight to Mike, he needs it most I saw you in a different light when you twirled around there Saw you raise your arms in flight when you shed your coat Well, the bad guys came and took away your Nintendo But didn't you learn in movies ways to fight? So trap 'em in a toybox, turn 'em into Idiot Allies And let 'em stumble dumbly through the night Let 'em stumble dumbly through the night



released December 13, 2018

Brock Ginther - words, guitar
McCrae Hathaway - bass
Brian Saxton - drums
Bradford Krieger - engineering / mixing / mastering
Brian Smith - drawings

Brad plays piano on "Idiot Allies" and the Rhodes on "Tomorrow's Eyes"

Recorded at Big Nice


all rights reserved



Midwestern Medicine Portland, Maine

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